Plan Zero

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The game is afoot. The old is being swept away and replaced with new. Shiny new (X)HTML 5 has replaced XHTML 1.1. If anything looks out of place please badger your browser vendor to improve HTML 5 and CSS 3 support (or use Lynx, which always works). Unless I've made a mistake, in which case tell me ;-)

Plan Zero is served using a lightweight and flxeible MVC framework which I crafted in PHP and named the Neutrino Framework (small, light and fast!) after the subatomic particle. The framework was bourne out of the need for a platform upon which to serve websites with minimum effort while at the same time keeping access to PHP's advanced OOP features, something which most common PHP frameworks hinder somewhat. I may put Neutrino up on Github as an open source project to be picked apart and improved when I'm happy with its initial performance and features.

I'm now using CSS 3 fonts to improve the look and accessibility of the site. Fonts used at the moment include Bebas Neue for the headings and the amazing Kingthings Chimaera for the title font (if you're not familiar with the Kingthings fonts I suggest you check them out, the range of fonts is impressive and each has been crafted with skill and attention). The site will look a lot better when these fonts are correctly rendered so if you don't see them I suggest finding a more modern browser, it's worth doing. I used the wonderful @font-face Kit Generator from Font Squirrel to get these fonts into a usable form; if you haven't seen Font Squirrel before I recommend a visit, they've collected together fonts which are 100% free for commercial use and their font tools are great.

The rest of the site is a work in progress. Things will emerge as I get the time and will likely reflect my interests, which at the time of writing include genetic programming, scepticism, ancient Egyptian, old technology, and lock picking, among other things.