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Hieroglyphic flashcards now online


A few months back I set out to create some online hieroglyphic flashcards to help me in my studies of the ancient Egyptian language. Today I am happy to announce that all of the data has been entered and the flashcards are ready for use!

I started work on the cards after I invested in some blank playing cards with which to create physical flashcards to help me remember the common hieroglyphs found in the written Egyptian language. It was taking a while, and my drawing skills are terrible; after finishing a few cards I had a thought: "Why not put the effort into creating some online flashcards?". So I did, and they are now online to use as you wish!

Information for the flashcards is based on James P. Allen's Middle Egyptian: An Introduction to the Language and Culture of Hieroglyphs and was entered entirely by hand, then cross-referenced with lists entered by others with the help of a few small Python scripts to make sure that there were no mistakes. Where alternative signs exist they have been used, so you will see several variants of the uniliteral ลก, for example.

There are 3 keyboards to choose from, British, European and Manuel de Codage. Transliterations can be entered using your computer keyboard in MDC format to save time, and score is kept to show your progress in each section.

Feedback is most welcome. At the moment signs appear randomly, with the exception that you will never get the same flashcard twice in a row; I'm working on a training algorithm to present signs you have trouble with more often. I'm also working on some full Egyptian word flashcards based on Mark Vygus' amazing 17,000+ word dictionary, as well as a fully searchable online Egyptian dictionary based on the same data, so keep your eyes open!