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Hieroglyphic alphabet (and game!)


I've put together an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic alphabet reference table which can be used when learning the Egyptian language, or just for fun if you're curious about how Egyptian was written. The table shows each glyph with a description of each sign, along with information about the sign's transliteration values.

As an extra bonus, I've created a small order-the-alphabet game at the bottom of the page which will help you to memorise the order of the alphabet as you will find it in most Egyptological resources (dictionaries, book indices, etc). If you're planning on using a hard-copy Egyptian dictionary, knowing the order in which the words are listed can save a lot of time!

To play the game, just drag around the hieroglyphs until you think you've got them in the right order, then hit the check order button to see whether you were right! There's no penalty if you get the order wrong. In fact, I encourage you to check as you go to make sure you're on the right track. 1,000 bonus points* for getting the hieroglyphic alphabet in the right order on the first try! Good luck!

* Bonus points may be hypothetical and existence can't be guaranteed outside of your own mind.