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Hosting an admin-friendly git server with git-shell


I use Git for managing all of my code and documentation. To give me the flexibility I need, I've always hosted my own Git server using Gitosis, which was less than fun to work with and has now been deprecated within the Git community. I'm setting up a new server, so I've been looking for other solutions. The most commonly recommended replacement is Gitolite, which looks like a great solution. If you don't need fine-grained access control, however, there are even easier solutions.

Scott Chacon's excellent Pro Git book mentions several ways to set up a git server using plain Git. One of the more flexible options is to set up an SSH user for Git and add the SSH public key of each user to the Git user's authorized_keys file. Anyone who's public key is in the list can access the hosted Git repositories. It's remarkably easy to set up a Git server in this manner.

As described by the book (see below for my version), setting up a Git server is as simple as:

# sudo adduser git
# su - git
$ mkdir .ssh
$ cat >> .ssh/authorized_keys

Next, add a bare repository for each project: